Cerveza Creola

My role → Founder and Creative Director

Personal project 

The time I founded a craft brewery

Creola sat at the crossroad between art, beer and Venezuelan street culture. A creative craft brewery that I founded and led for 4 years amidst the most disastrous economic downfall the country has seen. I got the chance to build a brand from the ground up that became a reference in the market—a journey that I treated like a blank canvas and witnessed many collaborations, events and, of course, a lot of good beer.

The branding of Creola was commissioned to NY-based brand designer, illustrator and friend Oscar Bastidas, who did a brilliant job at bringing to life what was on our minds.

Collaborations were a big thing for us. We were lucky to work with many artists, photographers and brands to bring up the core message of Creola.

Just to name a few: